Betty is a rare black chicken named after the famous Betty Crocker.

In the 1950’s, General Mills launched the Betty Crocker cake mix, designed to save time in the kitchen by just adding water.  Despite the ease and convenience of this new product, it did not sell well.


A group of psychologist were hired to investigate the brand and product.  They found that people were feeling guilty by just adding water to a mix compared to the previous generation that baked cakes from scratch.

The solution?  General Mills revised to the ingredients to add an egg.  Although an egg is not necessary, simply adding it made people feel like they were actually baking something and resolved the guilt issue.  The product became a success.  The solution wasn’t in logos, branding or packaging, but rather customer experience.

Today, Q7 continues the practice of consumer psychology in our marketing and design concepts to create solutions and experiences that allow organizations and companies to evolve.  

We often refer to our process as looking for the missing egg! Request one of Betty's luxury golden eggs designed specifically for you!