The focus of this workshop is to provide Experience-based Marketing and Design principles to enhance marketing and design initiatives. Participants will be introduced to neuroscience, cognitive science and human-centered practices to help maximize the Return on Creativity (ROC) and Return on Investment (ROI).  Participants will gain an understanding of some major theories of how the brain processes art and design and explore concepts that will make your brand more memorable in the minds of your audiences.


Introduction to Experience-Based Marketing and Design

Transitioning Roc into Roi

Creating Brain-Friendly Designs

Using Psychographic Profiles

Adapting a Customer Experience Management Model

Using Frameworks to Create Consumer Advocates

The Importance of Incorporating Sensory Branding and How It Impacts Purchase  

Creating an Experience-Based Marketing and Design Model  


For more than 15 years, GK has worked with numerous businesses and organizations to help them evolve through various phases of their development.  As an experience-based designer and business design consultant, GK has successfully transitioned fortune 500 companies and organizations to meet identified objectives including capital campaigns, moving from decline to growth and reinventing their identity.  His design concepts and models incorporate neuroscience and the psychological behavior of people in relationship to business cultures, experiences and aesthetic environments.  

GK is the co-author of Stop Hammering a Bent Nail: A neuromarketing guide for multifamily housing development; and, co-author of Corporate Guide to Art Placement. He has also written research on Evidence-based Art for Healthcare that is cited by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.


This course is scheduled for 3 hours with a 15-20 minute break.  Light breakfast or snacks included with this course.


$2,500 for a group of 10 participants.

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