Your brain is always working to make sense of the world around you. We are always working to make that world a sensible experience. 

Q7 combines science, psychology and design to create solutions and experiences that allow organizations and companies to evolve through startup, expansion and reinvention phases of their business.


Q7 provides consultation support to position, transition, or, reposition organizations through various phases of their business.  By focusing on human-centered practices, businesses can maximize their Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Creativity (ROC).   


Through Experience-based Marketing and Design principles, Q7 works with organizations to reach audiences with a cohesive and memorable brand experience that allows businesses to evolve.  


Q7 works in various design disciplines to enhance marketing initiatives and end-user experience through the entire consumer journey.  Through cognitive science, color theory and other experience design principles, we work together to provide effective and cohesive design solutions through multiple touchpoints. We work as design consultants and as designers to ensure brand cohesion.   


Helping Businesses Evolve